How We Started

Cookie tins during the holiday season are a classic staple of showing love to your family and friends.  The gift can take so many forms from affordable never-fail butter cookies to homemade collections showing off treasured family recipes. 

During the holiday season of 2020, families were kept apart by the COVID-19 pandemic.  For reasons of safety, many of us weren’t able to hug our loved ones or sit around the table for a family meal.

While we couldn’t see our families come together for the holidays in-person, our founders were trying to be creative in what the next best thing would be.

Food, at the core of our founders’ hearts, is our love language.

An Executive Chef and a girl in the beverage industry set out to create the ultimate cookie tin — from testing and tweaking each recipe until perfection to designing the packaging and personalizing each one. Andrea & Rob wanted to send love in a box.

It was all an accident.  They shipped boxes around the country and started to receive a flurry of texts:

“How do we order more”           “You need to make this a business”

“My friends are asking how to buy one”

With the support of our family and friends, Cookie Command Center was born.

Today, we aim to bring imagination and innovation in every release to people who share our love language of food.  Since our very first box for our loved ones, we always aim to use the best and most interesting ingredients we can find!  Our tins are inspired by our own food journeys, from our childhood, through our 30+ combined years of experience in the food and beverage industries, and to our explorations of over 40 countries.

What’s in a Name? 
Andrea had started recording recipes and taking notes in the only way she knew how — in a spreadsheet.   Rob one night went into the spreadsheet and changed the name to Cookie Command Center as a joke to give Andrea a laugh.  The rest is history.

Our Core Beliefs
We believe that companies are only as human as their employees.  Both Andrea and Rob care very deeply about giving back to the communities that got them  to where they are now.  Because of this, every tin will have a portion of the proceeds go to a different charity partner.

Why Cookie Tins?
Andrea comes from a long line of box & tin collectors.  It is not uncommon culturally to see a Chinese American family hold onto old cookie tins and find a sewing kit or stacks of plastic bags inside—even if the tin is ugly, they’d find a way to keep it.  Behind every design is the motivation to create something beautiful that each recipient would be happy to keep year-round and repurpose for other uses.

Where Are You Located?
New York, the City of Dreams! 

Who Are These Animals?
To keep with a tradition stemming from our very first Christmas tin, every release comes with a doodle of our little family — Andrea, Rob, and our three Siberians!